Installing Fonts on Windows 10

The moment I discovered there were fonts that existed outside of what just comes on your computer was an almost spiritual moment for me. At some point when we are more comfortable with one another, I will share with you how I used Papyrus on my wedding invitations, because that was literally the only font…… Continue Reading

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Fonts have feelings

I might be one of the worst at writing descriptions for fonts. For a long time I just didn’t do it, because that felt like actual work, and let’s be honest, I am not about that life. ;) However, for the last few years Michael has been forcing me to think about it more and more, until now… I have radically matured and I just make him do it. I think part of the reason I hate it so much is that I don’t really think of fonts in a typical way, as simply a serif or a script. Fonts have feelings, after all. I don’t always create the same number of glyphs for each font. Sometimes I don’t even have a plan for what my font will look like when I start.

Sometimes I literally just turn on some music and start drawing letters that I think that music feels like. (Lots of Owl City went into the making of Submarine Beach.) Sometimes I listen to audio books and try to create something that would work for that setting. (I was listening to a book about a hedge witch while creating Hazel Grace.)

I think this (for me) is because I think of lettering more in terms of emotion. It’s less about the type of font I’m trying to create, and more about the feeling I’m trying to convey.… Continue Reading

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