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Hodgepodgery is a playful mixed-case font with alternates. Since all the letters are the same height, it works great for multi-line designs!

eGift Cards

Interested in sharing BMD fonts with a friend or family member? We are now trying out digital gift cards!!! Currently we are offering $10, $25, and $50 gift cards, but we are also willing to make a custom one if you have a specific need.

As a bonus… if you purchase a $25 gift card for someone else we will send you a $5 gift card in early January for yourself.

As a bigger bonus… if you purchase a $50 gift card for someone else, we will send you a $15 gift card in early January for yourself.

Sugar & Spice HandSans

Sugar & Spice HandSans is a friendly and versatile sans in the handwritten style. Includes lowercase alternates, and small caps, so you can mix and match for a custom look.

Download includes both .ttf and .otf versions.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar and Spice is a sweet & scrumptious script with short ascenders and descenders, so there’s less of that awkward white space between lines. This makes it great for multi-line design and easy to pair with other fonts. Mix and match with alternates and ligatures to create a custom look!

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead is an adventurous modern cursive font. It’s packed with open-type goodies: ligatures, alternates and swashes! Mix and match letter …

Submarine Beach

Submarine Beach is a funloving & carefree unicase font with alternates and ligatures. Mix and match between upper and lowercase and alternates for a custom look! With over 500+ characters, the font includes extended Latin as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

The Brooklyn Smooth

The Brooklyn Smooth Family is a smooth version of The Brooklyn Font Family. Clean, open and versatile, The Brooklyn Smooth pairs great with script fonts, and works well for bylines and text.

The fonts have over 400 characters each, including Cyrillic and lots of accented Latin.

The Brooklyn was created as a cleaner, more modern take on Café & Brewery, and includes alternate characters (f,m,t w,W,I) that more closely resemble that font.


Skydancer is an introspective handwritten font with alternates and ligatures. It was designed with a dry marker to give it extra hand-drawn detail and lots of character. Includes alternates for a-z and A-Z, plus 10 ligatures (bb, dd, ee, ff, ft, gg, ll, rr, ss, tt). The font has 500+ characters, including extended Latin, and basic Greek and Cyrillic.

Uptown Market

Uptown Market is a smooth market-style script with non-connecting alternates. Inspired by vintage market scripts and modern trends, this font works great for headlines, bylines and logos.

The font family contains two versions- an italic and an upright, in both TTF & OTF file types.

Raspberry Moonshine

Raspberry Moonshine is a bold & sassy script font with open type alternates and ligatures!

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